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  • Swearing Is Good For You

    Swearing Is Good For You

    Did you know that chimpanzees can swear? Or that we do most of our swearing in our first language? Have you ever noticed that swearing is an excellent painkiller? In delightfully fun and accessibl...

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  • Mind Over Money

    Mind Over Money

    On a summer evening in 1994, the two members of the band KLF burned £1 million in £50 notes in a barn on the Isle of Jura. They filmed themselves tossing the bills into the fire, and made the story...

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  • Turning Conflict Into Profit

    Turning Conflict Into Profit

    Conflict in the workplace becomes expensive when an organization's efficiency is damaged by friction between employees. Conflicts can threaten the profitability and innovation of business, the sust...

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  • Curious


    The latest from Ian Leslie, the author of Born Liars, a Globe and Mail Top 100 Book, is a fascinating look at the human characteristic of curiosity — our extraordinary capacity to take pleasure in ...

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  • Beyond Intelligence

    Beyond Intelligence

    From two internationally recognized experts in the field of gifted education comes this timely exploration of how best to nurture a child’s unique gifts, and set them on a path to a happily product...

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  • From Bricks to Brains

    From Bricks to Brains

    From Bricks to Brains introduces embodied cognitive science, and illustrates its foundational ideas through the construction and observation of LEGO Mindstorms robots.Discussing the characteristics...

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