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  • Wisdom in Nonsense

    Wisdom in Nonsense

    Invaluable Lessons from My Father

    I broke all the rules that my dad gave me. It was he who had given me, in part, the confidence to think of my life as being worthy to mix with those of the geniuses. —Heather O’Neill With gene...

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  • Journey of a Thousand Miles

    Journey of a Thousand Miles

    Born into poverty in Japanese-occupied Taiwan, Ruey Yu overcame near-starvation during the Second World War. Destiny, however, had other plans for him: he was to become an award-winning biochemist,...

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  • Love and Laughter in the Time of Chemotherapy

    Love and Laughter in the Time of Chemotherapy

    Manjusha Pawagi, a successful family court judge, has written a not-so-typical memoir about her experience with cancer. Wryly funny and stubbornly hopeful, this is her quirky take on what it's like...

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  • Blank


    Essays and Interviews

    Blank is a collection of previously out-of-print essays and new works by one of Canada's most important contemporary writers and thinkers.Through an engagement with her earlier work, M. NourbeSe Ph...

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  • Best Canadian Sports Writing

    Best Canadian Sports Writing

    38 pieces that will be remembered for seasons to come For 25 years, sports journalists south of the border have been collected in best-of anthologies. With Best Canadian Sports Writing, editors St...

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  • In Search of A Better World

    In Search of A Better World

    A Human Rights Odyssey

    A work of memoir, history, and a call to action, In Search of a Better World, the 2017 CBC Massey Lecture, is a powerful and essential work on the major human rights struggles of our times. In Feb...

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  • Head of Drama

    Head of Drama

    The Memoir of Sydney Newman

    The memoir of the creator of Doctor Who and a legend in British and Canadian TV and film A major influence on the BBC and independent television in Britain in the 1960s, as well as on CBC and the ...

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  • Mad Dog

    Mad Dog

    The Maurice Vachon Story

    The true story of one of pro wrestling’s most charismatic, feared, and beloved icons Who was Maurice the man, and who was Mad Dog the character? Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon was a gold medalist, a pro...

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  • Arrival


    The Story of CanLit

    In the mid-twentieth century, Canadian literature transformed from a largely ignored trickle of books into an enormous cultural phenomenon that produced Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Michael Ondaat...

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  • Extended Families

    Extended Families

    A Memoir of India

    In Extended Families: A Memoir of India, award-winning author Ven Begamudré traces the history of both sides of his family, telling a story that is both timeless and universal."My grandmother’s hou...

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  • Tolstoy and Tolstaya

    Tolstoy and Tolstaya

    Both Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy (1828–1910) and his wife Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya (1844–1919) were prolific letterwriters. Lev Nikolaevich wrote approximately 10,000 letters over his lifetime — 840 ...

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  • Down Inside

    Down Inside

    Thirty Years in Canada's Prison Service

    A compelling personal memoir and a scathing indictment of bureaucratic indifference and agenda-driven government policies. In his thirty years in the Canadian prison system, Robert Clark rose from...

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  • The Barefoot Bingo Caller

    The Barefoot Bingo Caller

    A Memoir

    A rollicking memoir through the shifting zeitgeist of the last five decades In The Barefoot Bingo Caller, Antanas Sileika finds what’s funny and touching in the most unlikely places, from the bing...

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  • What Remains

    What Remains

    Object Lessons in Love and Loss

    Being left with a strand of even the highest quality milky-white pearls isn’t quite the same thing as pearls of wisdom to live by, as Karen von Hahn reveals in her memoir about her stylish and capt...

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  • Where It Hurts

    Where It Hurts

    Where It Hurts is a highly-charged collection of personal essays, haunted by loss, evoking turbulent physical and emotional Canadian landscapes. Sarah de Leeuw's creative non-fiction captures stran...

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  • Rhapsody in Quebec

    Rhapsody in Quebec

    Born in Hungary in 1975, Akos Verboczy moved to Montreal, Quebec at the age of 11 with his sister and mother, an esthetician, who learned that in Canada women were willing to pay a fortune ($20) to...

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  • In the Black

    In the Black

    My Life

    A remarkable memoir about achieving prosperity in the face of relentless prejudice In the Black traces B. Denham Jolly’s personal and professional struggle for a place in a country where Black Can...

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  • Director’s Cut

    Director’s Cut

    My Life in Film

    With six decades in show business, legendary director Ted Kotcheff looks back on his life Born to immigrant parents and raised in the slums of Toronto during the Depression, Ted Kotcheff learned s...

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  • Careergasm


    Find Your Way to Feel-Good Work

    Rousing, bullsh*t-free advice for aspiring career changers What is a careergasm? Does it feel as good as it sounds? You bet your ass it does. A Careergasm happens when your work feels good. Reall...

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  • Surviving Logan

    Surviving Logan

    One mountaineer’s harrowing story of survival and recovery after being trapped on the second-highest peak in North America, Mount Logan in the Yukon Territory, during an extratropical cyclone. In ...

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  • Hard Knox

    Hard Knox

    Musings from the Edge of Canada

    In Hard Knox, seasoned columnist and consummate everyman Jack Knox offers up his uniquely hilarious views on Canadian life as seen from the western fringes of the country—in particular from the “Is...

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  • John McCrae

    John McCrae

    Beyond Flanders Fields

    Most Canadians are familiar with John McCrae through his iconic poem “In Flanders Fields,” which was penned on the battlefields of the First World War and remains a symbol of remembrance to this da...

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  • Surviving the Gulag

    Surviving the Gulag

    A German Woman’s Memoir

    “The terrified yell of my comrades makes me stop. I drop the potatoes into the grass and turn around. He has pulled out the pistol and is taking aim. Slowly I come back.” Surviving the Gulag is t...

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  • Nilling


    Essays on Everyday Life

    Erin Wunker is a feminist killjoy, and she thinks you should be one, too. Following in the tradition of Sara Ahmed (the originator of the concept of the "feminist killjoy"), Wunker brings memoir, t...

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