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  • Blue Water Hues

    Blue Water Hues

    An Ashley Grant Mystery

    Paramedic Ashley Grant is settling into her new life in the Caribbean, although sometimes she still feels like a fish out of water. The ambulance is called to a fire at a prestigious resort, and As...

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  • White Sand Blues

    White Sand Blues

    An Ashley Grant Mystery

    When paramedic Ashley Grant finds her boyfriend in bed with another woman, she moves out of her house (okay, his house), quits her job and takes a new one in a tiny Caribbean country, the Victoria ...

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  • Haitian Graves

    Haitian Graves

    Ray Robertson Mystery

    RCMP sergeant Ray Robertson is serving with the United Nations in Haiti, a land of brilliant color and vibrant life, Vodou and vast above-ground cemeteries. Ray’s job is to train the local police a...

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  • Juba Good

    Juba Good

    Juba, South Sudan. RCMP Sergeant Ray Robertson has spent eleven and a half months serving with the United Nations in the world's newest country. He's tired of the chaotic traffic and jostling crowd...

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