Driving a Passenger Vehicle
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Do you want to familiarize yourself with how to drive a motor vehicle, learn the right techniques and find out how to be safe? Do you want to refresh your knowledge about road safety? This handbook is for you!

It outlines :

- The basic manœuvres for controlling a vehicle;
- A visual scanning method that teaches how to see everything happening on the road;
- Driving techniques for special circumstances, such as in poor weather conditions or when mechanical problems occur;
- Road safety tips;
- Energy-saving and environment-friendly tips;
- Self-evaluation exercises to verify your knowledge.

Driving a Passenger Vehicle: an indispensable tool to learn how to drive safely and how to share the road with others users.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Driving a Passenger Vehicle 1
Table of Content 6
Chapter 1 - Getting Ready to Drive 15
Mandatory Driving Course 17
Adopting a Preventive Attitude 17
The driver and protection of the environment 21
Knowing your vehicle 24
Preparing the vehicle and carrying baggage 40
Self-evaluation Exercises 47
Chapter 2 - Basic Instructions: Observe–Evaluate–Act 52
OBSERVE–evaluate–Act 54
Observe–EVALUATE–Act 64
Observe–Evaluate–ACT 66
Self-evaluationExercises 67
Chapter 3 - Controlling the Vehicle 72
Laws of physics 74
Driving safely 81
Self-evaluationExercises 110
Chapter 4 - Sharing the Road 116
Safe driving 118
Cooperating with Other Road Users 128
Adapting Your Driving to Special Circumstances 143
Self-evaluation Exercises 150
Chapter 5 - Driving Strategies 154
Difficult conditions 156
Emergency situations 180
Self-evaluation Exercises 204
Chapter 6 - Preventive Attitude 209
Controlling the situation 211
Being courteous on the road 222
Concentrating on your driving 224
On the road to success 229
Self-evaluationExercises 230
Appendix I 236
Safety Restraint Devices for Children 237
Appendix II 240
Driving with a standard transmission 241
Appendix III 246
Warning Lights and Gauges 247
Appendix IV 252
Preparing an emergency kit 253
Appendix V 255
Sport Utility Vehicles 256