Behind the Eyes We Meet

Behind The Eyes We Meet is a larger-than-life story that comes in three packages. A lighthearted opening flirts with chick lit before giving way to grim tales of a Russian P.O.W. camp on World War II’s Eastern Front, concluding with a fresh, philosophical perspective on life.

Verreault uses long-lost family letters, poetry, screenwriting techniques, and more to explore a fascination for Italy, history, and humanity at large in this powerful first novel.

This is a lively and intelligent exploration of intertwined destinies and, as hinted at by the choice of title, a realization that we shouldn’t judge a stranger until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Behind the Eyes We Meet 1
Prologue 7
The Flight of the Goldfish 17
Secret Passages 19
Featherbrains 24
Romanian Flop 34
The Flight of the Goldfish 39
Proverb for a Lost Fish 43
Caramel Sundae 47
Buoy 52
Sherlock HoMa 59
The Periodic Table 66
The Toothpick 71
Under The Big Top 78
Savouring the Is 84
Dance of the Jellyfish 91
Ressac Street 97
The Spice Route 106
Amnesty International 114
The Vacancy 118
Boomerang 122
The Sting 128
The Unpredictability of the Pigeon 133
Monarchs 135
The Octopus 144
Mamma, son tanto felice 153
Cold Death 162
Lullaby for the Lost 168
Musical Chairs 177
Temnikov Terminus 180
The Chicken and the Egg 186
The Unpredictability of the Pigeon 190
A Pagan Prayer 195
Feeding the Multitude 199
Complexion 204
Counting the Ghosts 208
Lend-Lease I 213
Lend-Lease II 218
Like a Frog in Winter 221
God is a Tuber 225
The Shower 230
The Moral of the Story 235
The Revenants 240
Makeshift Destiny 248
Little Cuts 254
11:11 258
Kamikaze Bees 263
There is so much you don’t know 265
Grief is personal 272
Our Children Without Homes 279
The future is elsewhere 284
Pain on the Faces Around Us 290
Tiny Bombs 297
Like a Fire to Warm Us 304
The Age of Birth 311
A Light in Their Eyes 318
The Paradox of Exile 325
Kamikaze Bees 331
Collapse Disorder 335
Scouting 342
The Zoo 348
Words That Don’t Exist 354
A Spare Room 363
In Capital Letters 371