Little Guidebook on the Extensive Consultation The

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Little Guidebook on the Extensive Consultation The
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Too often, even today, when they are implementing a project,
decision-makers or groups in position of power do not believe it is
necessary to seek collaboration from the members of a community;
and yet, they are the ones who will have to live with the impacts
of the project. As a result, after a few information sessions, the
community is faced with a done deal, and has to live with decisions
that have been made by others, without having the chance to give
its opinion.
The Little Guidebook on the Extensive Consultation; Creation and
Cultural Transmission by and with the Communities, native and
non-native, aims to help reversing the trend by proposing cultural
projects' models arising from a real consensus-building approach.
It is a ''toolbox'' to ease the convergence of the driving forces of
a community within a common approach, and through a process
that springs from the desire of realizing a cultural project. It provides
support to project officers, workshop leaders, partners or decisionmakers
for the various aspects entailed in making a cultural project.
It offers principles, thoughts, and tools to facilitate the population's
participation to its own cultural development. The approach of this
guide focuses on art creation, design, video, and museography.
Many work methodologies are explained. They enable carriers of
culture to express themselves, and to formulate the message and
the heritage that they want to pass on by themselves.
The principles, thoughts, and tools provided in this guide are based
on experience gained over the last 25 years by La Boîte Rouge
vif. Since 1991, it works in cultural and mediation transmission
through consensus building and creation. Its mission is to develop
innovative individual and community development strategies while
respecting diversity.