Birds of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest

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Birds of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest

A full-colour, all-in-one regional field guide to every bird species found in BC and the Pacific Northwest, featuring 900 photographs.

Discover more than four hundred bird species in Birds of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest—the quintessential guide for serious birders or those who are ready to take their bird-watching to the next level. Join renowned bird experts Richard Cannings, Tom Aversa, and Hal Opperman as they illuminate key identification traits, vocalizations, seasonal status, habitat preferences, and feeding behaviours. Compact full-page accounts include maps and nine hundred photographs by the region’s top bird photographers. With a wide territorial range that covers much of BC through to southern Oregon and the Rocky Mountain crest west beyond the Pacific coast, this is the most complete and comprehensive portable guide of its kind on the market.

This region is a well-defined biogeographic unit composed of three large ecoregions—the coastal rainforest, North America’s northernmost deserts and the northern/mid-Rockies to the east. Birds of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest is your birding handbook for a vast region rich in refuges, protected sanctuaries, public parks, and raw wilderness—and its depth transcends any guidebook that has preceded it.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Birds of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest 1
Contents 5
Author's Preface 7
The Pacific Northwest: Geography, Climate, Ecology 10
Ecoregions 11
Users' Guide 25
Glossary 28
Family Anatidae—Geese, Swans, and Ducks 32
Family Odontophoridae—New World Quails 73
Family Phasianidae—Partridges, Grouse, and Turkeys 77
Family Gaviidae—Loons 90
Family Podicipedidae—Grebes 94
Family Diomedeidae—Albatrosses 100
Family Procellariidae—Petrels and Shearwaters 103
Family Hydrobatidae—Storm-Petrels 112
Family Phalacrocoracidae—Cormorants 114
Family Pelecanidae—Pelicans 117
Family Ardeidae—Herons and Bitterns 119
Family Threskiornithidae—Ibises and Spoonbills 127
Family Cathartidae—New World Vultures 128
Family Pandionidae—Ospreys 129
Family Accipitridae—Kites, Hawks, and Eagles 130
Family Rallidae—Rails and Coots 144
Family Gruidae—Cranes 148
Family Recurvirostridae—Stilts and Avocets 149
Family Haematopodidae—Oystercatchers 151
Family Charadriidae—Plovers 152
Family Scolopacidae—Sandpipers, Snipes, and Phalaropes 159
Family Stercorariidae—Skuas and Jaegers 193
Family Alcidae—Auks 197
Family Laridae—Gulls and Terns 209
Family Columbidae—Pigeons and Doves 232
Family Cuculidae—Cuckoos 237
Family Tytonidae—Barn Owls 238
Family Strigidae—Owls 239
Family Caprimulgidae—Nightjars 253
Family Apodidae—Swifts 255
Family Trochilidae—Hummingbirds 258
Family Alcedinidae—Kingfishers 265
Family Picidae—Woodpeckers 266
Family Falconidae—Falcons and Caracaras 279
Family Tyrannidae—Tyrant-Flycatchers 284
Family Laniidae—Shrikes 303
Family Vireonidae—Vireos 305
Family Corvidae—Crows and Jays 310
Family Alaudidae—Larks 320
Family Hirundinidae—Swallows and Martins 322
Family Paridae—Chickadees and Tits 329
Family Aegithalidae—Bushtits 335
Family Sittidae—Nuthatches 336
Family Certhiidae—Treecreepers 339
Family Troglodytidae—Wrens 340
Family Polioptilidae—Gnatcatchers 346
Family Sylviidae—Sylvid-Babblers 347
Family Cinclidae—Dippers 348
Family Regulidae—Kinglets 349
Family Turdidae—Thrushes 351
Family Mimidae—Mockingbirds and Thrashers 359
Family Sturnidae—Starlings 363
Family Motacillidae—Pipits and Wagtails 364
Family Bombycillidae—Waxwings 365
Family Calcariidae—Longspurs and Snow Buntings 367
Family Parulidae—New World Warblers 370
Family Emberizidae—New World Sparrows 394
Family Cardinalidae—Cardinal-Grosbeaks 419
Family Icteridae—Blackbirds and Orioles 424
Family Fringillidae—Finches 435
Family Passeridae—Old World Sparrows 449
References 450
Index 452
About the Authors 459