Sir John Franklin

Expeditions to Destiny

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Sir John Franklin

After Royal Navy captain Sir John Franklin disappeared in the Arctic in 1846 while seeking the Northwest Passage, the search for his two ships, Erebus and Terror, and survivors of his expedition became one of the most exhaustive quests of the 19th century. Despite tantalizing clues, the ships were never found, and the fate of Franklin’s expedition passed into legend as one of the North’s great and enduring mysteries.

Anthony Dalton explores the eventful and fascinating life of this complex and intelligent man, beginning with his early sea voyages and arduous overland explorations in the Arctic. After years in Malta and Tasmania, Franklin realized his dream of returning to the Far North; it would be his last expedition. Drawing from evidence found by 19th-century Arctic explorers following in Franklin’s footsteps and investigations by 20th-century historians and archaeologists, Dalton retraces the route of the lost ships and recounts the sad tale of Franklin, his officers and men in their final agonizing months.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Sir John Franklin 1
Contents 8
Prologue 10
Introduction 13
Chapter 1: The Boy Sailor 17
Chapter 2: To the Arctic 27
Chapter 3: Rivers, Muskeg and Waterfalls 35
Chapter 4: The Spectre of Cannibalism 50
Chapter 5: Overland to the Polar Sea, Again 60
Chapter 6: A Rainbow in the Mediterranean 71
Chapter 7: Governor of Van Diemen’s Land 77
Chapter 8: To the Northwest Passage 86
Chapter 9: Somewhere in the Arctic 95
Chapter 10: An Expedition Disappears 102
Chapter 11: Where is Franklin? 109
Chapter 12: The Answers Begin to Emerge 119
Epilogue 129
Selected Bibliography 137
Index 139
Acknowledgements 141
About the Author 142
More Amazing Stories by Anthony Dalton 143