Flying on Instinct

Canada's Bush Pilot Pioneers

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Flying on Instinct

They were nicknamed Snow Eagle, Flying Knight, Bush Angel, Punch, Doc and Wop. They worked in open cockpits and flew through cold, snow and fog without the benefit of radios, maps or weather reports. They flew over the Barrens, frozen lakes, boreal forests and mountain ranges by dead reckoning and line of sight. They landed on makeshift runways, glaciers, muskeg, tundra and glassy lakes. Comrades of the wilderness, they were Canada’s early bush pilots.

L.D. Cross brings us the incredible stories of the brave and enterprising pilots who rolled back the boundaries of western and northern Canada, delivering mail, medicine, miners and all the supplies needed by frontier settlements. Flying such planes as Curtiss, Bellanca, de Havilland, Fairchild, Junkers, Norseman, Stinson and Vickers, they were the off-roaders of aviation, venturing where no others dared to go. Climb into the cockpit with these pioneering pilots for an exciting trip into Canadian aviation history.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Flying on Instinct 1
Contents 4
Prologue 6
Chapter 1: Up and Away 9
Chapter 2: From War Birds to Wilderness Wings 19
Chapter 3: Winged Workhorses and Flying Canoes 34
Chapter 4: Airborne Exploration 44
Chapter 5: The Flying Knight of the Northland 57
Chapter 6: May, Mercy and a Manhunt 69
Chapter 7: From Bush Life to Corporate Life 80
Chapter 8: Tales from Mountain Valleys 94
Chapter 9: Women Take to the Skies 103
Chapter 10: Risky Rescues and Tragic Losses 111
Chapter 11: A Bird’s-Eye View 123
Epilogue 134
Some Museums with Bush Plane Holdings 137
Selected Bibliography 138
Index 140
Acknowledgements 142
About the Author 143
More Amazing Stories by L.D. Cross 144