The Apple House

Anglophone Imogene Jackson grew up in an English suburb on the uneasy edge of a francophone world. At the age of nineteen she quit college to marry a shoemaker from the close-knit French village of Saint-Ange-du-Lac. For ten years she has lived with her husband, Thomas, above his family's historic shoe shop, immersed in village life. When Thomas dies in a car accident, she is shattered and her hard-won mastery of the French language deserts her. Isolated and grief-stricken, she retreats to her childhood home. There she discovers that a petty drug dealer she knows from the village has rented a ramshackle farmhouse, nicknamed the "Apple House," at the corner of her parents' street and befriended her easily influenced brother Petey. Her childhood obsession with the old house resurfaces and she finds herself confronting events from both her recent and more distant past as her two worlds collide.

Set in 1970s Quebec and written with a gentle humour, The Apple House is an intimate portrait of life during a time of great change.

Table des matières

Table des matières
The Apple House 1
The Road to the Village 8
The End of the World 11
Made to Measure 16
Garden Crescent 28
A Goat, a Victrola, and a Wooden Leg 36
A Pair of Wingtips 43
Mouse Relations 57
A Leg in the Culvert 65
A Silver Jukebox 72
Early Risers 84
One Potato, Two Potato 92
Dr. Campeau 99
An Old Man with One Leg Tries to Fly 105
A Tangled Spool 111
The Old Man Goes to Heaven 121
Ginger Ale 129
Going to Church 139
Plowing Under 148
Alligator Skin Pumps 155
A Legal Opinion 165
The Checkerboard Cat Comes Back 174
Eating Cake 178
The Apple House 189
Smoke 198
Second Breakfast 206
A Girl on a Swing 215
Rubber Boots and Warm Mud 218
The Language of Love 227
Acknowledgments 240
About the Author 241