The Artful Goddaughter

Mob goddaughter Gina Gallo stands to inherit two million bucks from her great-uncle Seb, a master forger. But there’s a catch: Uncle Seb wants Gina to make things right and return an extremely valuable painting to the City Art Gallery. If she can’t do it, her rat-face cousin Carmine gets the boodle.Reluctantly, Gina comes up with a plan for a reverse heist, as she has learned things never go as planned when her family gets involved. The wrong painting gets replaced, and Gina finds herself with two priceless masterpieces in hand! It won’t be long before someone realizes what’s going on. The Artful Goddaughter is the third novel in a series featuring Gina Gallo, who wants nothing more than to run her little jewelry store. But try as she might, Gina can’t escape the family business, with hilarious consequences.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Cover 1
Title Page 3
Chapter One 6
Chapter Two 19
Chapter Three 28
Chapter Four 37
Chapter Five 47
Chapter Six 56
Chapter Seven 69
Chapter Eight 79
Chapter Nine 92
Chapter Ten 105
Chapter Eleven 109
Chapter Twelve 116
Chapter Thirteen 126