The Goddaughter's Revenge

When jewelry-store owner Gina Gallo and her boyfriend Pete take a week's vacation, she leaves the store in the hands of her cousin from New York. After all, cousin Carmine is a certified gemologist, but Carmine is also in the Mob. When Gina gets back, she discovers that her cousin has spent his time switching real gems for fakes in the jewelry of some of her best customers. With her reputation on the line, what's a Mob goddaughter to do? Mastermind a string of burglaries to get the gems back, of course! But nothing ever goes entirely smoothly for Gina. Soon she and her eccentric cousin Nico are the toast of the town, as the local paper and everyone else follow the antics of their very own Pink Panthers.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Cover 1
Title 2
Chapter One 8
Chapter Two 15
Chapter Three 26
Chapter Four 31
Chapter Five 36
Chapter Six 47
Chapter Seven 55
Chapter Eight 65
Chapter Nine 75
Chapter Ten 90
Chapter Eleven 97
Chapter Twelve 103
Chapter Thirteen 117
Chapter Fourteen 123