The Second Wife

Gwen Lake is a forty-five-year-old police officer with a desk job, an ex-husband and a future not even close to the American dream. A year after her divorce, and more out of boredom and curiosity than anything else, she agrees to a meeting with her ex's new wife. She has no idea that the encounter will lead to murder. And she has decidedly mixed emotions when her ex-husband is arrested for the crime. Instead of accepting the lead detective's advice to book a Club Med vacation and leave the investigation to the professionals, Gwen decides to work the case on her own. Her life is about to get a lot less predictable and a lot more dangerous.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Cover 1
Title Page 3
CIP Page 4
Chapter One 6
Chapter Two 12
Chapter Three 17
Chapter Four 22
Chapter Five 27
Chapter Six 31
Chapter Seven 37
Chapter Eight 44
Chapter Nine 51
Chapter Ten 56
Chapter Eleven 64
Chapter Twelve 72
Chapter Thirteen 80
Chapter Fourteen 86
Chapter Fifteen 94
Chapter Sixteen 105