Waking the Frog

Solutions for Our Climate Change Paralysis

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Waking the Frog

An accessible discussion of ways to achieve a sustainable future

Venture capitalist, entrepreneur, engineer, and philosopher Tom Rand explains why climate disruption might just be our very own pot of hot water. Are we the frog paralyzed in our inaction? In a highly readable account, Rand looks to contemporary psychology, economics, business, and finance to explain our stasis in the face of one of the most fundamental problems of our time. Rand’s account doesn’t just point fingers at the bad guys, but goes deeper — to our motivations, institutional lethargy, and deeply buried assumptions about market economics.

Waking the Frog is as much about solutions as it is an account of our present paralysis. Our ingenuity, technology, capital, and policy can work together to turn down the heat and at the same time enable the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Front Cover 1
Copyright 5
Table of Contents 8
Preface 10
Introduction: Frogs, Hot Water, and Us 14
Chapter 1: From Serious Science to the Theater of the Absurd 24
The Theater of the Absurd 30
The Conservative Paradox 47
Waking the Frog: Explaining the Absurdity 50
Suggested Reading 51
Chapter 2: The Siren Song of Denial 52
Duplicitous Denial 55
Rational? Who's Rational?! 62
How We Think 67
Thinking About Climate Change Disruption 76
Waking the Frog: Starting a New Conversation 81
Suggested Reading 84
Chapter 3: Complexity and the Myth of the Free Market 86
How Free is Free? 88
State-Enabled Wealth Creation 93
From Equilibrium to Dynamic Systems 97
Waking the Frog: Choosing Our Direction 111
Suggested Reading 114
Chapter 4: Economics: The Dismal Science 116
Rolling the DICE 119
From Dismal Science to Collaborative Expertise 140
Waking the Frog: Thinking Differently - Buy Insurance 146
Suggested Reading 149
Chapter 5: The Fossil Fuel Party 150
Size Matters . . . 152
Wrestling Size to the Ground 155
Interests Matter . . . 157
Attitude Matters 161
Waking the Frog: Taking Our Energy Moon Shot 172
Suggested Reading 174
Chapter 6: Waking the Frog and Turning Down the Heat 176
Waking Up 179
Turning Down the Heat 183
A Fourth Industrial Revolution 187
Choosing a Future 209
Suggested Reading 212
Endnotes 214
Bibliography 234
Index 238
Back Cover 250