My Notebook of Questions : The Human Body

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My Notebook of Questions : The Human Body
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The human body is a truly amazing “machine.” Since time began, human beings have tried to grasp how it works, what it does, why it hurts, and other mysteries.

Table des matières

Table des matières
My Notebook of Questions : The Human Body 1
Contents 5
What is our skin made of? 7
What is our bones for? 12
How many bones we have and what they are made of? 14
What is our tongue for? 19
How does the body move? 22
What does the hearth look like? 26
What is saliva for? 29
How do blind people read? 32
How do eyes work? 35
Why do we have two ears? 38
Why do baby teeth fall out? 40
What are eyebrows and eyelashes for? 43
Why do our feet smell? 46
Why do we have different kinds of teeth? 48
Why do we have to eat to grow taller? 50
Why is blood red? 54
What are nails for? 57
Why does skin come in diffrent colors? 61
Why do my grandparents have white hair? 64
Why do we get the hiccups sometimes? 66
Why does the pupil change size? 70
Why do we look like our parents? 73
Why do we break wind? 76
What are fingerprints? 78
How does hair grow? 81
What is urine? 84
Why do we have a belly button? 87
Why is old people's skin wrinkled? 90
How come some people have no hair? 92
Why do we close our eyes to sleep? 94
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