So Many Ways to Reproduce
A new way to explore the animal kingdom

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So Many Ways to Reproduce
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How do animals seduce each other? How are baby animals conceived? What do they look like when they’re born? These are just some of the questions answered in the colorful and fascinating pages of this book. From the parents’ first date to the arrival of the little ones, leaf through the family album of the animal world and discover the often unusual stories of some very astonishing species.

Table des matières

Table des matières
So Many Ways to Reproduce 1
A battle to reproduce 4
These ones are complete originals 6
These ones are looking for soul mates 8
These ones have mastered the art of seduction 10
These ones get together by chance 12
These ones have intimate encounters 14
Some animals have to break out of shells 16
while others are born as free as the wind 18
When these ones first see the light of day 20
These ones take good care of their young 22
While these ones… 24
These ones will never be parents 26
More clues for the most curious 30
For further information... 32
Glossary 33
Index 34