So Many Ways to Live in Society

A new way to explore the animal kingdom

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So Many Ways to Live in Society
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Some species prefer to live alone, and others like company. Social animals form groups such as clans or schools and use their combined strength to fight enemies, cold or boredom. Their giant gatherings can last for a few hours, a few days or even a few years. Secret societies are revealed, explained and illustrated, to help you better understand the social lives of animals.

Table des matières

Table des matières
So Many Ways to Live in Society 1
Strength in numbers! 4
These ones enjoy the comforts of family life 6
Some animals prefer to live in society / Reproductive harems 8
Groups of females 10
Leadership hierarchies 12
These ones don’t just monkey around 14
And these monkeys mean business 16
Among these ones, everyone has a role to play 18
These ones mingle with the crowd 20
Some animals are inseparable 22
But no more than these ones 24
While others prefer solitude 26
More clues for the most curious 30
For further information... 32
Glossary 33
Index 34