So Many Ways to Defend Themselves

A new way to explore the animal kingdom

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So Many Ways to Defend Themselves
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Being small does not mean you have to be vulnerable. Small animals have many different ways of protecting their territory and evading their predators — even huge, extremely dangerous predators. Whether they rely on strategy or trickery, or simply take flight, these cunning little animals each have their own secret method of escaping their sworn enemy. And these methods are often quite surprising! Discover the intelligence, wisdom and nerve of these incredibly bold and courageous little creatures.

Table des matières

Table des matières
So Many Ways to Defend Themselves 1
Run for your life! 4
These ones are pretty tricky 6
These ones make themselves look scary 8
These ones can defend themselves against anything 10
Some animals even have chemical weapons 12
And so are these 14
Some animals have mastered the art of camouflage 16
Some animals change their costumes 18
These ones are completely invisible 20
Some even pass themselves off as other animals 22
These ones have impenetrable armor 24
These ones give up their arms 26
More clues for the most curious 30
For further information... 32
Glossary 33
Index 34