So Many Ways to Communicate

A new way to explore the animal kingdom

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So Many Ways to Communicate
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A little tune for some, a colorful mask for others. Plays for women only and funny-face contests for mature males. These are not part of a carnival of animals, but rather genuine means of communication. To seduce each other, alert each other to danger or invite each other over for a simple meal, animals display their silent, musical or downright noisy talents! So make yourselves comfortable. The show’s about to begin!

Table des matières

Table des matières
So Many Ways to Communicate 1
Communicating for survival 4
These ones know how to make themselves heard / songsters 6
sound technicians 8
music virtuosos 10
These ones have a crying need to be heard! 12
Others just want to be seen / a carefully choreographed performance 14
dazzling visual effects 16
Some let their bodies do the talking 18
While others use odors to communicate 20
These ones convey touching messages 22
While these ones converse with humans 24
These ones are usurpers of communication 26
More clues for the most curious 30
For further information 32
Glossary 33
Index 34