So Many Ways to Build a Shelter
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So Many Ways to Build a Shelter
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Who hasn’t dreamed about building a hidden cabin in the woods or a secret place far from prying glances? Just like humans, animals need shelter — a quiet, safe
place to call their own. Some animals are not very ambitious and are content to use the surrounding vegetation to build their cozy little nests, but others are very imaginative and use extremely complex materials. Tunnels, rocks or makeshift houses on piles — come and visit the unusual dwellings of these master builders.

Table des matières

Table des matières
So Many Ways to Build a Shelter 1
A home of one’s own 4
These ones move into prefabricated homes 6
These ones build underground shelters 8
These ones are excellent potters 10
These animals are master tunnel-builders 12
and so are these 14
Others are incredible artisans 16
These ones are master drillers 18
These ones are talented architects 20
as are these ones 22
These ones have temporary homes 24
while these ones have no shelter at all 26
More clues for the most curious 30
For further information... 32
Glossary 33
Index 34