Project Design: Strategic Information
A process approach

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Project Design: Strategic Information
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Projects constantly actualize the organization’s strategy, as project management aims to bridge the gap between the current state and an ideal state. This book is geared on project design using a process-based approach and is intended for students of project design. It relates to the gap, the stakeholders, the strategies, the risks, and the feasibility.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Project Design: Strategic Information 1
Table of contents 9
Acknowledgments 11
Introduction 13
Chapter 1 - Design Processes 27
Chapter 2 - Holistic Appraisal for Design Processes 43
Chapter 3 - Designing for Performance 53
Chapter 4 - Liaison Devices 67
Chapter 5 - Feasability Studies 83
Chapter 6 - Aligning Projects with the Organization’s Strategy 97
References 107
Authors 109