Discrimination in the NHL

Quebec Hockey Players Sidelined

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Discrimination in the NHL

Ever since Maurice Richard dazzled hockey fans, fighting his way to hockey’s summits, the issue of discrimination against Quebec hockey players has simmered on. NHL veteran Bob Sirois now demonstrates that unless Quebec hockey players are superstars they are less likely to be drafted than other players in Canada. They can also expect shorter careers and less pay, while some teams just don’t want them. Using statistics covering nearly 40 years, Sirois shatters those tenacious myths such as “Quebecers are smaller,” “they play poor defensive hockey” or “they are the best goalies.” His solutions: an NHL team for Quebec City and a Quebec national junior team for international events. Our great sport stands to gain from Bob Sirois’ search for the truth.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Discrimination in the NHL 1
Contents 9
Acknowledgements 11
Preface 13
Foreword 17
Chapter 1 / Introduction / Montreal Canadiens are the pride of a nation 19
Censored! 20
The French Blue Line 21
Uncensored 23
Chapter 2 / Quebec Hockey Players Drafted by the NHL / NHL Central Scouting 29
Myths, prejudice, stereotypes, and favouritism in the NHL Draft 30
NHL draft of Quebec players from 1970 to 2009: results and facts 31
Conclusions from Table 2.6 35
Conclusion from Tables 2.6 to 2.9 / The NHL draft of Quebec hockey players by their rankings 39
Conclusion from tables 2.11 and 2.12 40
French-speaking Quebec hockey players are underrated 41
The Alexandre Burrows effect 42
Quebec minor hockey is bottlenecked 45
Quebecers drafted by NHL Teams (1970- 2009) 47
Chapter 3 / NHL Teams and Their Use of Quebec Hockey Players 77
The NHL teams that were dissolved 87
NHL teams: analysis and facts / The Buffalo Sabres and Punch Imlach 90
The Philadelphia Flyers: Keith Allen and Bobby Clarke 92
Quebec City / The enigmatic Dallas Stars / The unequivocal Carolina Hurricanes 93
The Montreal Canadiens 94
Chapter 4 / Quebecers in the NHL / Centres (1970-2009) / Wingers (1970-2009) 161
Goalies (1970-2009) / Defencemen (1970-2009) / Conclusions for Table 4.1 162
The disappearance of English-speaking Quebecers! / The NHL All-Star Game 164
NHL Individual Trophy Winners 167
Equal talent, unequal treatment! 170
Chapter 5 / Coaches 195
Chapter 6 / Conclusion 199
Are French-speaking players really smaller than their English counterparts? 201
Epilogue / Quebecers are not alone 215
Appendix 217
List of Tables and list of Abbreviations 221
Abbreviations 223